by Corporate Juice Pimps

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This is my first album. Enjoy.


released June 17, 2012

Shout out to my Mom & my Pops, my Brolios and Mr. Spock.



all rights reserved


Corporate Juice Pimps Denver, Colorado

I work as a Special Needs Teacher and live in Denver, CO.
I record all my music on my macbook.
Gibson SG
Home-made electric
Fender Acoustic
Marshall DSL-401
Roland VA-5 keyboard
microKorg synth
Samson G-Track USB microphone.
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Track Name: love you to pieces (messersmith cover)
Love You To Pieces

I had a thought that I never could capture
holding you and holding back
I held too tight and it broke and it shattered
and I was watching while you cracked.

That night in my room when we made funny faces
and then we laughed so hard it hurt
now I'm a ghost floating and shapeless
trying to come back down to Earth.

God only knows what I did without you.
I'll find out eventually.

I've made mistakes and I've blown second chances
there's some things I can't reverse
and I don't want more minute romances
I want to love you till you burst.

So ready or not I'm gonna love you to pieces
the only way that I know how
I've got a hunch that you just want to leave me
I'm gonna love you anyhow.
Track Name: skinnyjeans (the time machine)
the time machine
keeps clickin' & click clicking
the spring uncoils time slows
is it wearing you out?
hands keep spin spinning
round and round are you dizzy now
just when i think i'm free
time is coming for me.

i can't wear skinny-jeans
cause they don't fit me
but i really wish i could

time is coming, it's coming - i get it
time is coming to get you - i get it
if you want it
come and get it
Track Name: Pegasus vs Dragon
a pegasus is a mighty steed, hung like a horse
but like he's got wings,
he was the king of the flying beasts
until that dragon came.
the dragon he was like a dc-7
spitting out flames that even set heaven
on fire burning mess people running midgets stress

the forest gnomes they looked up to him they said
pegasus you must always defend us!

this is part II the battle ensues
tween pegasus + the dragon which one will lose?
if you're not sure you could go ask a gnome
i've got my $ on the pony call my bookie snookie he say,
lookie lookie never put you $ on a pony when he bout' to fight a dragon who got fire spewing mouth!
ok i get it snookie don't stress
maybe this time we can put that to the test

the dragon flew out, out of his cave
led by his flames, someone's got to save
the people from this mess, how bout' pegases?
oh look he flew away. i told you don't bet on pony!
you would fly too if by a dragon you were faced
don't forget your taser, whistle, mace
what you gonna do with mace against a fire breathing dragon? maybe you make him cry?

what's that - what's that - that i hear?
the princess she is crying she is yelling out in fear
"save her pegasus he has stole the princess fair
snatched her in his mouth and took her to his lair!"
i guess i got to get her, "are you gonna let her die?"
no i won't cause i'd do her if i was a guy
so he turned his butt around to the dragon he did meet
light em' up, chomping bit, kicked em' in the teeth

the dragon:
i burned the forest to the ground now it is deceased
burning flames smote asunder everything i see
now i have your princess she belongs to me

the pegasus:
catch me demon if you can i'm not afraid of thee!
so the flew up in the sky past the atmosphere
and into space towards the stars his plan becoming clear
"in space there's no oxygen the dragon cannot burn
so in this place a deadly lesson the dragon he will learn."

the pega-sus bit off the dragon's horny tail
and slapped him with it in the face and used it to impale
the dragons heart - which then began to bleed
before the dragon he did die he then began to plead
I love you pega-sus i really do, but not in that way
i love you just like dude to dude.
the pretty pony then began to cry
kissed the dragon on his horns and left him there to die.

the end
Track Name: Hoarders of Nothing
We get tired -- of keeping up
We get tired of losing ground
Yeah, where are Jones’ can they be found?

There’s got to be more to life than this.
Selling out my soul for material bliss.
Ladies and Gents are you feeling free?
Or are you feeling more like a tragedy?
Stuck in your life, did you choose this
or could there be more to what we thought exists?
Look at your mom, look at your dad
how they living now are they free or in debt?
Buy a new car, buy a TV, buy a new house
buying everything

Build it all up just to knock it down
and do it all again, can you see it now?
Or are we too afraid, too afraid to see
that our lives are being ruled by material things?
Buy another dress, buy another hat
20 pairs of shoes, we don’t care we gotta have
Everything, everything
All we know is we want Everything

We’re so hungry for the things we crave
That we don’t even ask where and how they’re made Maybe by a kid? Maybe by a slave?(this is true)
We don’t seem to care what a price they pay
Cutting down trees, burn it to the ground
destroying families, we deny we see it now
aren’t you tired? so tired, so tired of keeping up
Track Name: Bushwick Blues (cover)
hold on to my hand
never let go, never let go
we were just two kids acting tough
then we grew up
well me not so much
all the other guys that you've seen
were nothing compared to me
because my love is strong
and my heart is weak
after all

when we first met we spoke so deep
you sang a sonnet i hummed sweet relief
do you recall the night we took the air
out in the Bushwick
it was colder than hell

so maybe there it should have stopped
cause i'm left here feeling like a cop
because my love is strong
and my heart is weak
after all

to the other side of the states return
i met a young girl i couldn't manage her
because i think of you in every girl i meet
there's no relief
it sounds to me
just as sweet

so maybe i'm the fool for feeling used
but by the way we kissed that night i thought you knew
because my love is strong
and my heart is weak
after all
Track Name: a girl, a boy & a plane full of baggage (Jeremy Messersmith adaptation)
my girl takes the long way home
meets me in a field of stone
she says I don't know how I'm supposed to feel
my body's cold, my guts are twisted steel.

And I feel like I'm some kind of frankenstein,
waiting for a shock to bring me back to life,
but I don't want to spend my time
waiting for lightning to strike. Ohhh...

Deep beneath those searchng eyes
I see myself and so I have try
She says, “My heart’s too broke to give to you.”
I wish she knew there’s nothing I can do.

a sleeping heart oh it’s been set on fire
waiting for her kiss to bring it back to life,
But I don’t want to spend my time
Waiting for lightning to strike.

Ooh, there’s only you....
Track Name: Human Cubicle
This rhyme is about a dream
ok, i’ll admit it i created the thing
eyes shut, mind open, now we’re fast asleep
i come up in your crib ain’t no need to creep
sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip,
that started from this tropic port aboard this tiny ship
um...slip wait a minute think i better win it
saw a stretch hummer and i’m gonna get in it
it’s gilligan and castaways
ginger’s so hot i could master HEY!
next to me is mary ann
in front is the skipper and professor the man
low ridin’ we hit the strip
in bellagio fountains were take a dip
the P.O. they roll up say we better hold up
look i got a donut everybody go nut HEY!
um, ok like i flip the screen
running nude in a forest what the HEY!? i scream
it’s a wookie coming now for nookie
looking at me like i’m covered in cookie
han solo with a laser beam
steppin’ to my face like on tatooine
the princess leia tells me i’m a playa
punch me in the face she a man slaya’
luke yeah he shows up he a jedi with a bowl cut
mighty hutt killa’ use the force yoda wills ya’
(previous line not technically correct. Leia kills hutt) do almost anything
cept’ do a droid that would just be mean
darth vader and the emperor
united yeah they say i wasn’t meant for her
ooh, that leia looking fine in jabba’s laya
wish that i could OH! maybe another daya
and if you’re being vain she won’t hesitate to flay ya’
cause she’s handy with a chain & she never will obey ya’
night rider let’s kit for a joy ride
leaving chips in the dust on the 505
macgyver making love with toothpick and a glove
i remember i remember the days
when i was just a kid and everything was ok
jessica rabbit tell me did you love me
discover like duchovny that scully you’re so lovely
whether we were ever meant to be
like bonnie and clide or thelma and louise
get back it’s the thunder cats
a care bear gets a hiccup peewee’s on crack
gargamel if you could just chill for a bit
call me big papa smurf is a socialist
april o’neil what’s the haps who you be with
i ain’t a ninja turtle but it’s you i want breed wit’
donatello you can stick it you’re WHAT? bow
leonardo he a pimp HEY! michelangel
now i’m waking up yeah i think i can see it
it’s a fictionary plain i leave behind but i don’t deem it
to be much more than childhood things
of the heroes in my mind and i remember the scenes
like riding on my BM -- X i retrieve them
memories of a time when we used to believe in
puffy paint shirts and jackets made of denim
funky hammer pants
side ponies they were screamin'
i remember i remember a time
when we were just kids nothing more to define
us than what we imagined we could be
before we occupied these cubicles -- we were truly free.
Track Name: AnaLiese & dear Woodenheart
do you lie beneath the snow
where all good children go
hide away dear woodenheart
from the cold

ana ana analiese
please before you go
release the spring to come and play
unearth the wooden heart
unearth the wooden heart

fair child i held it in my hand
wrapped in chord and twine
to the fairest of the trees
return the heart

years have come and gone and passed
but the heart refused to beat
until his love analiese
came home

please sweet analiese
come come when melt returns the sprint
then then the heart can finally beat
for the tree with the woodenheart

do you lie beneath the snow
where all good children go
hide away dear woodenheart
from the cold
ana analiese please before you go
release the spring to come and play
unearth the wooden heart